Work With Me!


YOU are ....

a musician in a band–you love playing your instrument, but you’re ready to start singing backup vocals…
or maybe even lead!

a high-achieving high school performer who dreams of a career in musical theatre. (Wouldn’t it be loverly? ☺ ) 

an adult who is ready to reconnect with your voice, discover your true sound, and add some creativity and fun to your life. 

planning to pursue a music degree, and you need to strengthen your theory, ear-training, and sight-singing skills so you can nail your college audition! 


Therapeutic singing lesson are full of joy!Lessons are an opportunity to share in the JOY of self-discovery and growth! 


Private 1:1 voice lessons are all about YOU!   

Lessons at Mushall Music Studio offer a holistic approach to how you Sing with Your Whole SELF.... voice, mind, and body.

YOU have a unique voice.  

You don't want to be taught a cookie-cutter technique that makes you sound like everyone else.  

You want to have the freedom to sing with YOUR voice...


You want to discover how you can sing with more efficiency and ease!

Sean Lockhart - Musical Theatre Singer 


At Mushall Music studio, you’ll enjoy custom lessons, tailored to provide you with the techniques needed to perform the types of music you like to sing. Together, we’ll discover how the body works and explore the sensations of what it feels like to sing in different ways so that you can approach a variety of styles with skill and confidence.

Sign up for a Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Call and learn more about the Studio.


Isabel G. 

Come in the studio to 


what your voice can do!

Mushall Music Studio operates on a tuition-based annual package. The tuition package saves worry around canceled and rescheduled lessons as they are already built-in!  

Start any month and commit to a year-long journey of transforming your Voice, Mindset, and Technique!  

Studio tuition is a 12-Month term with rolling tuition. The studio is open for 40 weeks throughout the year.  You have an option to register for 45-minute or 60-minute lessons.  

What does your tuition/studio membership include?

  • A hybrid studio - including Studio (In-Person) and Virtual (Online lessons).
  • Continued focus on training in the vocal technique of genres you want to sing. 

  • Cross-training in different genres to build versatility and overall vocal balance.
  • Building musicianship skills
  • Emphasis on developing your chosen repertoire
  • A whole-body approach (with Body Mapping, & the principles of Alexander Technique)
  • Strengthening your performance skills
  • Finding your unique sound
  • Participation in Studio Recitals, Workshops & Masterclasses with guest clinicians (Online or In-person TBD)
  • 35 weeks of private and group voice lesson instruction
  • 5 bonus weeks

Ask about starting with a 4-Week Trial Package before making the full 12-month commitment!