Wholehearted Singer Group

Singing brings you SO MUCH JOY!  

You love to sing in your church and the local community choirs.  

But your musical journey feels like it’s on pause. 

Who has time for 1:1 lessons when your job takes up most of your week, your kids need a ride to their after school activities (leaving you sitting in the car on social media), you get home, have dinner to cook, kiddos need help with homework, and after cleaning up the house and putting kids to bed you’re D.O.N.E!  

It’s been so long that sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever be able to sing like you used to. 

Are you too old now?  When you were young, singing was easy. Now when you try to sing, it feels like you have to work really hard. 

All those singers on YouTube make it look so easy - your tone isn’t what you want it to be, your voice cracks sometimes,  and you’re constantly running out of breath.

You’re not 20 anymore.  Your body is changing.  And every time you put someone else’s needs before your own, the harder it is to follow your own dreams. The longer you wait, the more self-conscious you become. 

You keep looking for the “right moment” to start, 

but let’s be honest… there’s no right moment. 

There’s just this moment. 

Many busy singers have been in your shoes.  You need a convenient way to get new ideas while you play the chauffeur. 

YOU are the instrument.  You use it and take it with you all day long.  You need someone who can walk you through the tough times and help you take the first step to carving out time and space for yourself to explore something you love!  

Remember all that time you spend on social media while waiting for your kiddos?  

What if that time was spent singing and developing your voice?  

Inside of the Wholehearted Singer, you’ll learn to feel empowered to explore your voice and body so that you can sing with freedom and ease. 

Membership includes: 

A library with 40+ video explorations 

New trainings added twice each month

Access to a private FB group with supportive singers

       Plus, quarterly bonus Zoom events like "Ask Me Anything" events and  "Sip & Sing" - LIVE on Zoom!  Bring your favorite beverage and sing, play an instrument, share a poem or story, ask a question, or just come and hang out with the community!! 


The Wholehearted Singer community is a space where you can explore your voice in your own way and in your own time. It’s a space to make new discoveries without fear of judgment.  
You can play the interactive videos again and again - and like watching a movie multiple times, you will discover something new every time!

This is the moment.  

NOW is your chance to take your time back - to make yourself a priority 

and rekindle your joy of singing. 

Start living your dreams NOW and free the singer inside of you!  

Join today for just $35 per month.


Feeling good about your voice is within your grasp!  

The Wholehearted Singer group is ready to help you discover your potential and take it to the next level!