Dear Amy, 
We just heard John's audition for UNC last weekend. Wow! He is an impressive young man. We so enjoyed hearing him sing and talking to him a little bit. Thank you for the part you played in his excellent preparation and for supporting his application to UNC. We sincerely hope he decides to attend in the fall.

Melissa Malde, DMA
Professor of Voice

Voice Area Head

Co-author, What Every Singer Needs to Know about the Body


Working in your studio has been the most helpful thing I've done in my young career.  Your studio has given me the opportunity to explore the voice in a manner I never thought possible. Having the opportunity to explore the idea of having freedom in the voice rather than a control over the voice has been extremely beneficial for me. I've learned to embrace taking risks rather than fearing a result that might not be what I original desired. I've also learned that there is no sound more technically desirable than another and finding "my" voice is the most valuable thing I could focus on.

The Mushall Music Studio offers an environment fostering vocal, musical, and personal growth. Singers are met with a compassionate, competent teacher who infuses each lesson with diligent exploration and observation while providing a comfortable environment to work on one's craft. Mrs. Mushall uses her expertise as a performer and teacher to give students a comprehensive experience with music, performance, and their passion for personal growth and development.  I feel free to explore music AND my thinking in the studio; also, I notice that Mrs. Mushall gives really creative ways to help me figure out solutions to my own "conundrums" and gives me a lot of thoughtful insight.

Amy is an attentive instructor that individualizes the lessons to my daughter's needs and interests.  Her lessons are fun and engaging, and my daughter has made impressive progress each week.

We work hard and I find the lessons fun and uplifting.  I leave feeling encouraged and positive.

This is one of the best things we've done for our son - thank you very, very much!  We don't know, but expect that other studios would not be as tolerant with kids that have many challenges.  

His audition was great!  He went first and there was a lot of applause and positive comments.  The directors noticed how far he has come since last year.  He was cast for a singing and speaking part!  Thanks for helping him get where he is today!