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Teens & Tweens 

want to sing 


  • need a supportive community to EXPLORE and DEVELOP their vocal skills!
  • need a joy-full environment to grow confidence and a healthy mindset! 
  • need a fun after-school activity to establish basic musicianship skills - such as reading music, pitch accuracy, and how to learn a song

Mom and Dad, you want them to explore their interests and talents.


  • need an experienced guide to provide them with a fun experience! 
  • need a vocal coach who will create a non-judgmental atmosphere to instill a healthy growth mindset! 
  • need a creative spirit who understands your budding artist! 

Most of all, you want an after-school program where they can have fun and explore their interests! 

Kate, exploring "Popular" from WICKED 


Discover Your Voice:  Online Group Singing Lessons is perfect for you AND your beginning singer! 

Students learn poise, public speaking skills, and develop self-confidence.

Students learn poise, public speaking skills, and develop self-confidence.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Emma loves to sing - she listens to music and sings all day long - at the dinner table, in the shower, and in the car!  Singing in the kid's choir at church is fun - but it's not giving her the solo opportunities she craves.

  • Josh tried choir and it wasn't his jam - it's just not cool.  But the idea of singing in a band one day would be awesome and he needs to work on his solo singing skills!  

  • Lisa loves to sing when no one is listening and is afraid of making mistakes in front of people!  She needs to develop a growth mindset, cultivate self-confidence, and discover self-love for her unique sound.

Character Sketch wor

Mom  - do you have a Lisa, Josh, or Emma?

Every child has unique gifts and stories.  Each one needs a little something different.  

Dad - do you want to support your kids' dreams?

But without all of the evening rehearsals, year-long weekly commitment, and all of the weekend rehearsals and performances.  You want an after-school activity nearby that doesn't include a commute.

Do the kids keep bugging you for lessons?

But you are wary that maybe they're not quite ready for 1:1 lessons.  Singing classes are a perfect fit! 


Group lessons are the perfect way to get started!!

Amy Mushall manages her studio with efficiency and organization, helping the parent understand scheduling and payments with ease and clarity.   
But the greatest gift of Amy is how she educates the whole child, meeting them where they are, while also challenging them in new, sometimes unexpected, areas of growth.  Her love of her craft and intuitive understanding of a student’s struggles and needs makes Amy more than just a voice teacher.  
She was a true gift to my daughter in so many ways.

Pam Chaddon, Mom

But did you know that singing lessons go beyond the realm of learning how to make music and sing songs?

Movement and Character Development. 

 Some of the many life skills that can improve when children take singing lessons include:

  • Public speaking, confidence, and poise
  • Speech and language development
  • Self-discipline and self-awareness
  • Memorization skills
  • Language and reading proficiency
  • Music reading skills
  • Work ethic
  • Growth mindset
  • Cultivating a strong foundation for vocal development
  • and did I mention - HAVE FUN?!?!?!

Shy singers will gain CONFIDENCE

 while singing in a group setting!

"I absolutely loved working with Amy.  She always made sure that I took care of my voice first and helped me to create good habits and techniques that will allow me to sing for the rest of my life.  I am currently a musical theater major and I know that Amy set me up to succeed in college and in the professional world."
Maija Pieper, Music Theatre Major at CU Boulder

So, Let's get Signed up!

Kids Singing PerformanceStudents get performing opportunities!


Who:     Beginner singers (Teens and Tweens who have a desire to sing)

What:     6-Week Group Singing Lesson Packages

  • Sessions rotate IN PERSON and ONLINE!
  • Each 6-week session includes a different content focus (including different music styles, reading music, how the voice works, breathing, character and intention, etc)
  • Register for as many sessions as you'd like!
  • Minimum of 4 students to hold the class - Maximum of 6.

When:    August/September 2022

Dates TBD

Where:   Briargate Neighborhood (Near Research/Union) - Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Cost:       TBD


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Classes start 

Fall 2022!!! 

Registration Deadline:  

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 Grow with new friends, discover your unique sound, 

and create musical memories to last a lifetime!