Private Voice Lessons


YOU are ....

a skilled musician in a band - you've spent years honing your skills on the guitar, piano, or ... whatever!  Now you want to start singing back-up vocals - or better yet, sing lead on a tune!  But you need to build your strength, hone your vocal technique and build your confidence!

a confident, high-achieving high school performer who aspires to be a broadway musical actor and you need a place to take risks, find your unique voice, and up your performing skills in a safe environment. 

an avocational adult singer who LOVED singing in high school and college, but you took the "responsible path" and got your degree in another field and you are ready to reconnect with your voice and discover your true NEW sound. 

excited to help people and want to pursue a degree in Music Education or Music Therapy and you want to be a well-rounded musician - focusing on music theory, ear training, and sight-singing so you can nail your music school audition!  

Therapeutic singing lesson are full of joy!Lessons are an opportunity to share in the JOY of self-discovery and growth! 


Private 1:1 voice lessons are all about YOU!  

Lessons at Mushall Music Studio are a holistic approach to how you Sing with Your Whole SELF.... voice, mind, and body.

YOU have a unique voice.  

You don't want to be taught a cookie-cutter technique that makes you sound like everyone else.  

You want to have the freedom to sing with YOUR voice...


You want to discover how you can sing with more efficiency and ease!

Do you sing in a contemporary style - pop, rock, jazz, etc?  These styles require a different use of the body in order to sing on a microphone!  You cannot use classical techniques when singing on a mic.  In addition, do you want a teacher who will teacher you how to sing in a healthy way without telling you how to sing stylistically?  Are you a creative musical artist who wants to create an individual sound all your own?  You can do that here!

Do you sing classical music and want to learn how your can project your voice to the back of the hall without a microphone?  

More importantly, do you want to cross-train your voice so that you can gain the stamina to sing for long rehearsals and performances and go home with a healthy voice?

As a Wholehearted Singer, you will learn how the body is designed to function so that you can make choices about what will work best for the style your singing - whether belting on stage, creating a soft mix on the mic, or projecting acoustically (NO MIC!) over an orchestra.

Sign up for a Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Call and learn more about the Studio.

High School Singer standing at music stand reading music in a voice lesson.


Mushall Music Studio is passionate about nurturing and empowering Wholehearted Singers to be self-reliant and confident. 

We do this through helping singers understand how the body is designed to function efficiently while singing.

And creating a deep self-awareness and connection to one's whole self (mind, body, and voice) so that you can discover your unique vocal imprint and share your musical gifts with authenticity and joy!  

This is accomplished by providing a safe space, both online and in-person, to explore the voice in a supportive and friendly environment!

The voice is one of the most complex and delicate instruments - because it is your body!  Since we can't seem to turn off that brain of ours, we often get caught up in THINKING about how we sound...and that gets our brain focused on the wrong things! My goal is to teach you how to sing in a healthy way to ensure you will be able to sing for a lifetime.  

Students range in age between 10 to 75 and are curious about learning how the body works and excited to explore the sensations of what it feels like to sing in different ways. Each lesson is tailored to provide you with the technique needed to perform the type of music YOU like to sing!

Full Membership Students focus on becoming complete musicians.  Practice techniques, online warm-up resources, sight-reading exercises, ear training, and music theory are all a part increasing your skills to make you a well-rounded musician! Many singers work on foreign language pieces - which helps you develop your ear and create new neurological pathways between your brain and your body.   All styles of music are encouraged to explore in order to keep lessons fun, challenging, interactive, and fresh! 

If you have always wanted to sing but you've been afraid to - I will help you find the Moxie to dive in, create music in a supportive environment, and develop your confidence!  

If you have the Moxie already but need to increase the freedom in your voice to take your music to the next level of performance, competition, and continuing education, contact me about getting started! 

Female standing on fire escape in a confident "super hero pose".Amy Mushall - Singer & Voice Teacher
Photo by Jerry McCaulley II


Come in the studio to PLAY, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER what your voice can do!

Mushall Music Studio operates on a tuition-based annual package. The tuition package saves worry around canceled and rescheduled lessons as they are already built-in!  

Start any month and commit to a year-long journey of transforming your Voice, Mindset, and Technique!  

Studio tuition is a 12-Month term with rolling tuition. The studio is open for 39 weeks throughout the year.  You have an option to register for 45-minute or 60-minute lessons.  

What does your tuition/studio membership include?

  • A hybrid studio - including Studio (In-Person) and Virtual (Online lessons).

  • Continued focus on training in the vocal technique of genres you want to sing. 

  • Cross-training in different genres to build versatility and overall vocal balance.

  • Building musicianship skills

  • Emphasis on developing your chosen repertoire

  • A whole-body approach (with Body Mapping, & the principles of Alexander Technique)

  • Strengthening your performance skills

  • Finding your unique sound

  • Participation in Studio Recitals, Workshops & Masterclasses with guest clinicians (Online or In-person TBD)

  • 35 weeks of private and group voice lesson instruction

  • 4 bonus weeks

Ask about starting with a 4-Week Trial Package before making the full 12-month commitment!