Piano Lessons

Have You Always Wanted to Play the Piano?

I remember begging my parents to let me take piano lessons!  I couldn't wait!  And then I ended up with the "dragon-lady" for a teacher....  Does that sound familiar?  Not at Mushall Music Studio!

My goal for teaching piano is to foster a love of making music, ensuring good technique to prevent injury, and teaching practical practice techniques so that you can go home and have successful practice time.  If practice time is not fun then students won't practice - that's just a fact.  And who can blame them?  But with the tools to practice successfully and continually improve, it is fun to learn and worth it to take time out of your busy schedule to work at the piano.

My piano studio is made up of:

  • Young children who need a warm, nurturing environment to learn and succeed.
  • Adults who have struggled to play because they need someone to help them with good practice techniques.
  • I primarily teach beginning piano lessons.

I typically use the Faber Piano Adventures Course (or sometimes the Alfred Course), but am happy to use other books if you've started with another teacher and already have other books.  I will supplement them with additional pieces, and warm-ups.


Includes 5 – finger patterns, scales and arpeggios. Also may include other strength or agility exercises, Dozen-A-Day, etc.


All students will have either a note-speller or theory book.  Some students may have both.

Lesson Book Assignments/Sight-Reading:

Pages will be assigned weekly from the lesson book.  (Number of pages will depend on the student's ability to complete the lesson assignments in a timely fashion.)


Recital pieces that will be memorized.

Visit http://mushall_music.musicteachershelper.com/calendar to find available times and contact me at mushallmusic@yahoo.com to request pricing information and schedule a lesson time.