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...EMPOWERS you to be self-sufficient? 

...CELEBRATES with you? 

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Mushall Music Studio is passionate about nurturing and empowering Wholehearted Singers to be self-reliant and confident. 

We do this through helping singers understand how the body is designed to function efficiently while singing, and by creating a deep self-awareness and connection to one's whole self (mind, body, and voice) so that you can discover your unique vocal imprint and share your musical gifts with authenticity and joy!  

This is accomplished by providing a space of openness and growth, where we embrace all sounds–the messy and the mighty, both online and in-person, to explore the voice in a supportive and friendly environment!

What Kind of Lessons are you looking for?

Beginning Lessons for Teens or Tweens

Private 1:1 Lessons 

Adult Group Lessons


What makes Mushall Music Studio Special?

When you take lessons at Mushall Music studio - you have multiple options - Schedule a "fit session" to determine the right path for you! 

Different people need different plans to fit their needs!  Not sure what that is, let's start with a "fit session" to get started!  Most students participate in the Year-Round Tuition Membership where, in addition to receiving high-quality vocal technique instruction inspired by the Alexander Technique, students receive opportunities to participate in recitals, Group Online Lessons, special workshop opportunities, access to an exclusive Facebook Group for enrolled students only, and both in-person and online lessons. But maybe that's not for you! We can customize a plan - from asynchronous Marco Polo lessons to a short-term goal-oriented plan, to a fully customized package. Let's find the right fit for YOU!


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You're invited to play in the studio!

Lessons are offered both Online and In-Person throughout the day to maximize instruction opportunities for students with all different careers and schedules. Traditional school schedule? Come sing in the afternoon. Homeschool/independent study? Come sing in the morning. Full-time worker? Zoom from your car during your lunch break or just after work.   

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Mushall Music Studio

Lessons are provided both online and in the studio!

In-person lessons and classes
Located on the lower level of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church 
7400 Tudor Rd. | Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM.