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At Mushall Music Studio, I believe in nurturing the WHOLE singer - body, mind, and voice!  As a voice teacher, it is my goal to foster whole-body awareness, musicianship, and self-confidence, as well as good vocal technique.  

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What makes Mushall Music Studio Special?

 When you take lessons at Mushall Music studio - you have multiple options - Schedule a "fit session" to determine the right path for you! 

Different people need different plans to fit their needs!  Not sure what that is, let's start with a "fit session" to get started!  Most students participate in the Year-Round Tuition Membership where, in addition to receiving high-quality vocal technique instruction inspired by the Alexander Technique, students receive opportunities to participate in 2 recitals, Group Online Lessons, special workshop opportunities, access to an exclusive Facebook Group for enrolled students only, and both in-person and online lessons. But maybe that's not for you! We can customize a plan - from asynchronous Marco Polo lessons to a short-term goal-oriented plan, to the full membership package. Let's find the right fit for YOU!

Why should you study music privately?  

More schools are cutting arts programs, making it more difficult to have well-rounded and grounded children.  Studies show that children in music lessons learn tenacity, drive, problem-solving.  Performing gives students an opportunity to present themselves in public, giving them opportunities to develop self-esteem and confidence.  Music is an art that lasts a lifetime - you will never be too old to appreciate great music or the skills you will take into the workforce that will make you more desirable to employers!  

What are the benefits of group lessons 
 When you're just starting out, you may not be ready to sing by yourself on a weekly basis.  Many people aren't ready to make the commitment to 1:1 private lessons.  Those need a lot of time committed OUTSIDE of the class for practice.  You'll need to practice between small group classes too - but you'll be learning along with a group of like-minded singers who are committed to being on this journey WITH you!  You can support them - and they will support and cheer YOU on in return!  Think of it as your built-in cheerleading squad!  Who doesn't want that?  In addition, group classes are a smaller length of commitment - typically a 6-week class time!  Each class will have its own content planned to assist you in gaining new knowledge about how your voice, mind, and bodywork!  You'll also have an opportunity to learn a song to perform for the class at the end!  This will be our very own (private) performance space so you can really get excited about sharing your new skills!

 What ages do you teach?  

I have students that range from 11-80 years old. Each lesson is personalized to match your skill level and age, with plenty of literature to choose from so that you're not bored.

Why should adults study voice, in particular?

Many of my adult students are back after decades "off" of singing.  They are frustrated that things don't work "like they used to".  I have a unique understanding of what it is like to come back after a break and how to help you kick old habits and reset your voice!  I also have several students who always wished that they could sing, but were told early on that they "couldn't".  That's just not true - and it's typically very painful and scary to get started!  It is often a spiritual awakening as they discover their voice and the confidence to use it!


You're invited to play in the studio!

I offer lessons throughout the day to maximize instruction opportunities for students with all different careers and schedules. Traditional school schedule? Come sing in the afternoon. Homeschool/independent study? Come sing in the morning. Full-time worker? Come sing during lunch break or just after work.  

Mushall Music Studio

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Monday - Thursday 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM. 

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