Come to my Garden


You used to sing all the time. 

Music class was your favorite in grade school - and you really bloomed in high school and college - taking choir and being cast in the musical.  

You still sing in the car and the shower, and you want more!

But things changed when you got older.  Singing suddenly got hard.  

Now, you don’t get the same performance opportunities. All of your old tricks don’t work. No matter how hard you try to hit high notes and get rid of old tension, you feel like you aren’t making the progress you should.
You were disappointed in yourself.  And then the pandemic hit.  The choir you were singing with stopped, and even though you tried at first to keep singing… What was the point?  

Since then, you’ve felt lonely and depressed after losing your singing companions.  You’ve lost your Mojo!

You are not alone!

Like a dormant flower, you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to burst forth and give singing another try!  

You have everything you need to find your voice again and believe it.  You just need a new approach!

Singing doesn’t have to feel hard.  

You can rediscover the joy you once had!

At Come to My Garden: (Re-)Discover Your Voice through Play, we’ll plant new seeds to help you:

Exercise and strengthen your voice

Connect with other community singers

Develop better Posture

Gently Re-Emerge with mindfulness of any anxiety

Breathe with ease

Release throat & neck tension

Trust your voice

Sing with Freedom, Confidence, and Joy!

Using the principles of the Alexander Technique, you can discover how your body is uniquely designed to support your singing - while freeing up your body and mind to allow your voice to ring out.  

Over the course of two weeks, you will have time to allow new information to germinate and take seed.  So that, by the end of the four sessions, you will have new choices available to you as you continue singing at home.  

Classes will include a unique mix of awareness and movement, physical and vocal warm-up exercises, as well as opportunities to sing both in a group and individually.  

We will start in the garden - take off our shoes, play vocal games, warm-up our voices and bodies, discover balance, find physical freedom in our sitting and standing, and connect to our senses through the beautiful flowers and soft grass, and really connect to what our body is telling us about our habits and explore new possibilities!

Then we will move indoors to put our discoveries into play while we sing folk, classic musical theatre, and songs from the American Songbook with a live accompanist in a comfortable, supportive environment!

YES!  We will make LIVE music together in a well-ventilated space - masked and distanced for safety.

Don’t worry - if you choose not to sing by yourself, that’s OK!  You have the freedom to choose your level of comfort and determine how quickly you want to jump into more challenging endeavors.

Dates:  Monday & Wednesday, July 19 & 21;  July 26 & 28, 2021

Times:  11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon


      601 N.Tejon St. Colorado Springs, CO.

Cost: $150

LIMITED to 10 Participants MAX

In-Person Safety Requirements: Masks must be worn at all times over the mouth and nose while indoors.  Masks are not required when outdoors.  Social distancing of 6 Ft. is required. Hand Sanitizer will be available. Please read all Terms and Conditions when registering for this course to see all requirements, and terms for cancellations and refunds.

Singers of all levels are welcome!  

Your journey begins with filling out the application.  

You deserve to sing with the joy you desire and Come to My Garden is designed to support you - 100% of the way!

Registration Closes on July 15, 2021!

It’s time to nourish your creative spirit this summer and let your voice flourish again! 

After a year of dormancy, you’re ready for a growth spurt!  

Come to My Garden, 

and leave with a renewed passion for singing!