Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound:  

The Acting Singer

Developing Contemporary Vocal Skills of Acting Singers Aged 13 - 21!

SIX Online Group Classes run July 19-30, 2021

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You audition for every show at your school and you LOVE to Belt your face off! 

 But how do you get into the "legit" part of your voice?  

You've been taking dance for years and now you want to figure out how to add singing to your skillset, and determine what kind of songs are right for you!


 You are the best singer in your choir class, 

but your break has always kept you from auditioning for the school musical. 

 But your heart longs to sing and perform!!!   


 Get Prepped for Your Next Audition!

By the end of this course, you will have ONE Complete polished Song that will be perfect for your next audition!

This Musical Theatre Voice class is focused on Teen Middle/High School dancers, actors and, singers!  You will meet other young performers and explore different ways you can use your voice in a nurturing and supportive environment!


July 19, 2021  Class 1:  Alignment & Balance (Ahem... Decoding "Posture")

Do you have "fence post' syndrome, where you feel awkward on stage? Stuck standing in one place, not sure what to do with yourself? Perhaps you've been told that singers stand in a certain way and don't move?  All of this is reflected in the voice -- registers feel hard to access (that's fancy talk for head/chest voice).   This class will allow you to find free movement in the body and voice, that will allow you to become a character on stage.

July 21, 2021  Class 2:  Character Development - Expression & Storytelling

Now that your body and voice feel balanced and free, it’s time to dig deep into your character. Who are they? What do they want? How can you embody this character so that your performance is believable? This class will help you get out of your head so that you can create a memorable performance. 

July 23, 2021  Class 3:  Head Voice - Floating, flitting, and finding your softer side

Now that you’ve discovered your character’s emotional intent, we can focus on how your voice will bring those different emotions to life!  Is your character in love?  Is she sweet and kind?  Does she have an innocent curiosity about life and the world?  Learn how to sing with a bell-like purity that will give you just the right sound to engage your audience and make them - and your leading man - fall madly in love with you!  If you feel like you screech out high notes, or sound too operatic,  embark on a vocal color journey that will amplify your character and her emotions!

July 26, 2021  Class 4:  Chest Voice - Belting & Speak Singing Mix

Do you get stuck in your chest voice?  Or maybe you can’t reach those low notes at all!?!   With the ease of the head voice established, we must learn how to balance those sweet sounds with a strong - but NOT forced - chest voice.    Explore how to access your lower range THROUGH the break and learn how to belt without losing your voice, straining, or having a huge break when you transition into your upper range.

July 28, 2021  Class 5:  Breathing - Discover how you may be OVER working!

You’ve heard of the diaphragm (maybe) and you’ve been told to “support” your voice (whatever that means!), but you still feel like you can’t trust your breath to work for you.  Most of the time, all we hear about is BREATH SUPPORT.  So, why is it at the end of this course?  We’ll debunk the myths about “good breathing” and simplify the process so that instead of TRYING to breathe (which… PS. You do without issue 24 hours a day!), you recognize how to trust your body more, and investigate different choices available to you!

July 30, 2021  Class 6:  Polish and Perform it! 

After 6 weeks of investigation and implementation, now’s your chance to put it all together with excitement and confidence!  Throughout the course, you will apply your learning to two 16-bar cuts (one ballad and one belt).  In this final class, you’ll put these new skills on display for each other and cheer on your new friends!  We’ll take risks - because that’s how we grow.  And more importantly, you’ll laugh and cheer and have a blast doing what you love! 

Nuts and Bolts:

Classes meet over two weeks Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM on Zoom

  • One 30-minute Private Coaching is included for each participant 
  • These will be fast-paced classes with an introduction to concepts, exercises, and a masterclass approach to implementing these new skills.   
  • Weekly volunteers will be encouraged to explore these new concepts for the class and others will take turns practicing behind mute.  
  • Participants may bring their own song, or will be provided a list of songs to choose from.
  • Additional 1:1 Private Coaching available at a discounted price!


SIX Group Classes & ONE Private Coaching for just $300! 

SAVE $50 when you register by June 20th.

Register NOW! 


Due to the current health concerns around the spread of Covid-19 through singing, all lessons remain online.  As someone who has given and received online lessons for 3 years, you can trust that online lessons are valuable.  Please sign-up for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call to determine if lessons are a good fit for you!